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Honey frame 3.10

Honey Framework is a powerful tool that allows users to program their own custom order types and trading strategies. It integrates directly into the bitfinex.com trading interface, providing users with a native experience.

We are excited to share the latest updates to Honey Framework. To learn more about the Honey Framework, please refer to https://blog.bitfinex.com/tag/honey-framework/

User interface

  • Microfinex drop-down component integration
  • Improved notifications user interface
  • Improved user interface layout
  • Removed swap / binance switches from the entire codebase
  • Fixed incorrect version of recovery bug
  • Fixed warnings about UI accessories
  • Cleaning up obsolete subscription managers
  • Lint issues resolved
  • Adjusted ESLint rules
  • Dependency Updates
  • Prepared virtual table component
  • Divide dependencies into smaller packages with LernaJS


  • Fixed dynamic allocation in debugging
  • Fixed memory leak with subscribed channels
  • Fixed debug output


  • Fixed issue with spam clicking on new order button
  • Fixed a notification issue that kept popping up after entering the wrong API key
  • Cancellation of commercial subscriptions
  • Fixed “authentication failure” phantom notifications

Bfx-HF indicators

  • Simple moving average (SMA) is used as the first exponential moving average (EMA) value in the calculator
  • Fixed floating issues for the sma / ema indicator in the mean mean (MA)
  • Added test coverage for sma / ema in MA indicator
  • Return null if not enough candles added for sma / ema
  • Removing unused create-index deps
  • Fixed Relative Strength Index (rsi) indicator and additional tests

Want to contribute to the project? Please open a draw request at https://github.com/bitfinexcom/bfx-hf-ui
Download the Honey Framework today: https://honey.bitfinex.com/


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