Here’s What Happened To Roger Moore’s Volvo P1800 From The Saint


Despite the Volvo P1800’s considerable merits, Simon Templar was initially not destined to drive a Volvo. According to Practical Classics, Sir Roger Moore had his heart set on a Jaguar XK150 for the show, but Jaguar refused to supply vehicles for the TV series, saying it “didn’t need the publicity.” The show’s production manager showed Moore an auto magazine featuring the Volvo P1800, and the rest is history. Moore was reportedly so enamored with the P1800’s Italian body style that he is quoted as having said, “Looks better than the Jag,” upon seeing the photos.

The production crew for “The Saint” had three Volvo P1800s for the show. Practical Classics adds that the first is a U.K.-built 1962 model later found on a North Wales farm in 1991. The second car is a Swedish-built 1964 P1800 S that blew up behind a hedge in the TV show. The third car is an updated 1967 1800 S that was once personally owned by Sir Roger Moore and played his co-star in “The Saint.”


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