Google Chrome OS Flex Promises Longer Life For Old Hardware

Chrome OS Flex is essentially just Google’s Chromebook operating system built to run on any type of hardware. Google sees it as a way to “refresh your older devices with a modern OS”, allowing you to extend the lifespan of your old laptop while still getting a streamlined and speedy upgrade. It’s a novel idea, and one that could prove especially helpful in pushing Chrome OS out to even more people. Which is ultimately a good thing.

Getting Chrome OS out there more means that more people start to rely on it. That means that Google is more likely to continue supporting and improving it. And, since Chrome OS Flex is completely free, there really isn’t much reason to avoid it from a convenience and affordability factor. It also helps reduce e-waste, by letting you continue to use your old laptop or PC even longer. Furthermore, Google has built Chrome OS with a ton of management and security features, which may prove helpful to business and education users where devices pass through multiple hands.

Plus, if you’re worried about your Windows apps not working, Chrome OS Flex supports full virtualization solutions like VMWare, Cameyo, and Citrix. That will allow you to run legacy and Windows applications without needing to have that operating system installed. Plus, Chrome OS works off the Google Play Store, which is chock full of tons of progressive webb apps, extensions, and other features you can take advantage of.


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