GALA is available on Changelly

Changelly announces another token available on the platform: the GALA token. Now, users can quickly and easily redeem GALA tokens at variable rates. Gala games aims to take the gaming industry in a different direction by giving gamers back control of their games. Gala Games’ mission is to create “blockchain games that people will actually want to play.” The aspiration of the project is to change the fact that players can spend hundreds of dollars on in-game assets as well as countless hours of play, which could be taken away from them with the click of a button. The intention is to reintroduce creative thinking into games by giving players control over games and game resources using blockchain Technology.

We are happy to add the GALA token to our platform. We appreciate the efforts of the Gala Games team to give players more control over the games. This list is an important step for our two projects.

Changelly team

About the gala games

The decentralized ecosystem of Gala Games aspires to open doors wide and give players back the control they deserve. Through decentralization, players not only own their in-game items, but they also have a say in how the Gala Games roadmap evolves. Players and node owners will be enlisted via distributed voting mechanisms to help determine which games should be added to the platform or funded by the decentralized Gala Games ecosystem.


About Changelly

Changelly provides an ecosystem of products and services that enables customers to have a one-stop-shop experience when engaging with crypto.

Operating since 2015, Changelly acts as an intermediary between crypto exchanges and users, providing access to over 200 cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged effortlessly in 10 minutes on the desktop and on the go via the Changelly mobile app.

In 2020, Changelly diversified to meet the needs of traders. PRO was designed as a customer-driven platform, efficiently enabling the buying and retailing of digital tokens and coins. Building on Changelly’s excellent support system, Changelly PRO will provide the community with high limits, efficient pricing, fast turnaround, and 24/7 live support.

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