exchange rate – Is there a way to profit from the personal belief that Bitcoin will be 10x in the next few years?

(Repost because a mysterious bug made my previous question disappear overnight without leaving a trace.)

I am personally fully convinced that the price of Bitcoin will reach at least $ 500,000 per Bitcoin no later than early 2023.

If I sell my coins today to buy a house, then I’ll be an idiot. But I also need a place to live, and my own life goes by, not to mention that of my old mother. I find myself in a very delicate situation, where I just cannot sell them knowing (or being convinced) what to expect “soon”.

My bank laughs at me if I mention “Bitcoin”. They refuse to give me a loan with Bitcoin as collateral. And even if they did, they would probably demand that I send them into custody, which is unthinkable to me.

I also can’t earn a percentage on my coins because, again, they all require you to give up control of your coins. Which violates the whole point of Bitcoin. There is no end to crooks, thieves and shady people who steal coins, and there is would have happen if I sent them to a “BlockFi” or a fake “challenge”.

I’ve tried asking real estate brokers if they (or the seller) will accept 1 Bitcoin assuming it will be 10x in a few years, but they don’t even take me seriously. They are only interested in the current fiduciary value (or perceived value).

I have virtually no fiat income, so just “buying tons of Bitcoin” is also meaningless advice to me. I am already buying as many satoshis as I can afford.

I don’t see any way to buy this house without getting rid of my Bitcoin. Is there something that I forgot?

My time is running out, but so is my patience for Bitcoin …

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