Egg Quality and Food Safety Academy for Farmers and Agribusinesses

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Virtual by Purdue Extension Shell Egg Academy (SEA) will meet from June 21 to 25 via Zoom. Interactive classroom sessions will cover egg quality and food safety for farmers and egg companies producing and processing table eggs.

Experts from Purdue University and the United States will discuss live hen production and egg safety in the first class June 21-23 and egg processing and food safety June 23-25. Participants will also receive hands-on learning activities via a Lab-In-A-Box (LAB) that will be sent to them prior to the course.

Participants can choose to take one or both courses. All participants will need shell eggs during the lessons and will have the option to purchase a candlestick, which is also needed for the lesson. At the end of the academy, participants will take an exam to obtain a certificate of competence.

For a full schedule of events and to register with SEA or become a sponsor, click on here. Contact Darrin Karcher at [email protected] for more information and accommodation. To help you register, E-mail or call 763-284-6763.

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