Edmonton’s best independent cafes

District Coffee Co.

This cafe was created by local small-space hospitality visionary, Nate Box. The neighborhood space has recently been expanded and now the daytime cafe and bakery stays open late and turns into a cool place to have wine and small evening meals.

Small brick

Little Brick has brought history to life in an old brick house nestled in Riverdale. This adorable cafe serves delicious brunches and lunches and has one of the best little patios in town.


Enter the first half of downtown DOSC and you’ll find yourself at the Sober Cat Cafe. The DOSC space includes a cafe serving Rogue Wave coffee, a cocktail bar and a steakhouse. Stop in the morning for a coffee and return in the evening for a steak and a sophisticated cocktail.

I think

Credo is a set of sibling cafes well known to locals for their quality coffee (and London Fogs for non-cafes). Each cup of Credo coffee is filled with a feel-good flavor. Their coffee is traded directly, ensuring their producers receive rates 25% higher than fair trade prices.

Lock Coffee Stock

At Lock Stock, the espresso is carefully prepared, the crackers are baked fresh and heated to order, and the English muffins are fried daily for a variety of sandwiches, making them a must-see in the neighborhood. downtown.

Remedy coffee

Remedy Cafe is both an Indian and Pakistani restaurant and coffee bar. If the hit TV show “Friends” were filmed in Edmonton, the cast would meet daily at the Jasper Avenue site. Their legendary homemade chai pairs well with a sabhji masala or a butter chicken wrap.

Coffee desk

Jasper Avenue’s Coffee Bureau features all kinds of sparkles: from the 1950s Italian brass chandelier and fancy personalized Izzo espresso machine to the dazzling smiles of the husband and wife owners. Coffee Bureau serves locally roasted Ace Coffee and Steven Smith teas, as well as freshly baked cookies, muffins, croissants, and gluten-free finger foods.

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