Copy of Super Mario 64 sells for record $ 1.56 million


Super Mario 64 in all its unsealed splendor.

Heritage auctions

The non-fungible token saw sale of digital art at exorbitant prices, but here’s a reminder that people who deposit exorbitant sums on collectibles didn’t start with NFTs. A a sealed copy of Super Mario 64 has been sold at Heritage auction for $ 1.56 million. This makes it the most expensive video game ever to be sold.

Super Mario 64 is a legendary release in video game history. It was the only game to be launched alongside by Nintendo N64 console and was the first title to take Mario out of 2D and place him in a 3D world. And where Mario goes, so does the industry: Super Mario 64 is considered one of the most influential games of all time. He inspired franchise developers as eclectic as Grand Theft Auto and Kingdom Hearts.

“The cultural significance of this title and its importance for the history of video games is paramount, and the condition of this copy is so breathtaking that we are truly lost here, ”reads the extremely accurate description of the game on Heritage Auctions. “If you’ve been passionate about getting the top-ranked copy of the best-selling Nintendo 64 video game – the first 3D adventure for Nintendo’s mascot Mario – we just have one advice: this is not an opportunity to lose. “

Two days earlier, a 1987 copy of The Legend of Zelda – an equally revered game – had sold for $ 870,000. In April, a sealed copy of the original Super Mario Bros. sold for $ 660,000.


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