Chicken wing shortage against COVID, storms and food cravings

Chicken prices have also been hit during the pandemic. The price per pound of a whole chicken was on average $ 2.80 in April 2020, the lowest price since at least 2016, according to the US Department of Agriculture. After hovering around $ 3.30 for the remainder of 2020, prices started rising again earlier this year.

The daily price rose from $ 3.99 a pound in January to $ 5.22 in May, an 87% increase since April 2020.

Some restaurants suggest that customers consider alternative options. On Monday, Wingstop launched Thighstop, a virtual brand, where customers can order a thigh meal online to pick up at over 1,400 locations or deliver through DoorDash.

Jody Spencer, a construction worker from Mississippi, typically enjoys the wings twice a week. He said that despite all the talk around companies suggesting wing alternatives, he’s not getting on board.

“When you want wings, you want wings,” Spencer said. “I drove through the drive-thru this morning and was told, ‘We don’t have any more wings, but you can have a thigh or a chest. ” I did not receive anything.

Spencer, 51, also said replacing the thighs with wings wouldn’t be practical, using the example of ordering 10 pieces.

“Order 10 thighs?” I don’t think it’s going to work, ”Spencer said. “Maybe if they cut them in half or in quarters.”

For many people, the shortage of wings negatively impacts their social life. Ken Childs, who is retired, loves to cook and organize large gatherings. Childs, 51, said he prefers to go to the supermarket to choose high-quality products, nogenetically modified wings as opposed to fried wings at fast food outlets or even sit down restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings. He noted that he also preferred to grill his wings, which may be a healthier alternative.

Childs said wings are his go-to food to serve his guests because it’s the easiest way to please the masses.

“The shortage kind of kills everything in the process because people usually don’t eat pork,” says Childs. “Some people like the legs, but they’re not too big. They say that the breasts dry too quickly. There really is no way to replace the fenders.

When asked if the wings were also the most delicious part of chicken, he chuckled a little and replied with a steadfast, “Most definitely.”

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