Cereals 2021: Brock Monster 12m Field Exercise

A 12m version of J Brock and Sons’ country drill was the main topic of discussion at the Essex-based dealer’s grain stand.

And with a massive 13.35m version designed for those using 40m controlled traffic systems currently under construction, it takes the company’s drilling reach to six (6m, 8m, 9m , 10 m, 12 m and 13.35 m).

The models, which are all trailed, are said to be comfortable working in any seedbed and can cope with relatively sticky conditions, as there is no bank of packing wheels / transport width that would otherwise be susceptible to jamming.

Instead, it rides on two large 800/45 R26.5 flotation tires, and each of the three sections is fitted with three additional guide wheels to help maintain a constant seeding depth.

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The 7000 liter non-pressurized hopper is mounted at the front of the drill on a narrow frame, with the seed bed at the rear. All three sections are controlled by separate dosing units under the hopper, which can be switched off individually via GPS.

The distribution heads have been redesigned so that the hoses descend directly to the coulters, rather than coming out sideways as before. This facilitates the routing of seeds to the outermost coulters and simplifies the folding process for road transport.

Narrow 12mm tips are available, but the coffin-shaped tip, which is tapered about 10mm at the base, is by far the most popular, Brock says. Each tooth is spring loaded to absorb the shock of drilling in hard soils.

The depth is adjusted by manual adjustment of the pin on the main seeding frame behind the wheels, and pressure can be added to the fenders to increase downforce.

A 12m model with a single hopper has a list price of £ 150,000. Opting for a 10,500 liter split seed and fertilizer tank raises the price to £ 170,000.

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