Cereals 2021: Amazon updates the Panterra 4080 self-propelled machine

A new induction hopper and pump are the remarkable upgrades to Amazon’s huge Panterra 4080 self-propelled sprayer.

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The new system – which debuted on trailed UX models a few years ago – sees the old Altek pump replaced with a pair of 260 liter / min AR units – one of which primarily handles spraying, while the other is responsible for keeping the tank mix stirred.

Amazon Panterra

© MAG / Edward Mowbray

There is also a new intake hopper with an intake of 700 liters / min, compared to 150 liters / min on the old machine.

It has a handy injection nozzle at the bottom, which means operators can load it into the guns with salts or powders and it will dissolve them without the need for another flush.

An eight-way selector valve manages all major functions, and the display can now be programmed at ground level, rather than just in the cab.

An extension of the 60 liter fuel tank means it now holds 290 liters, while in the cabin the vehicle control screen has been moved to the B-pillar armrest.

It is also easier to add third party guidance systems as the steering is now part of the Canbus network.

Interested parties could see one at the farm for around £ 275,000.

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