Business Value Of Fantasy Football – Time To Go Get Stefon Diggs?

Hope is not a winning fantasy football strategy.

You always have to have a plan, but sometimes the plans go wrong and the season can go quickly. In fact, you might be considering a 2-3, 1-4, or even 0-5 team right now.

The good news is, you have a choice. You can stop and make it easier for other managers in your league or you can keep fighting. If you choose the latter, the process may involve rebuilding your team from scratch.

This week’s Trade Value column will focus entirely on the trades you can make to dramatically change your team’s foundation. Some of these recommendations are for players who have upcoming byes, which can make trading easier for them.

Please continue to leverage Field Yates’ Waiver Wire column and my Streamers column for scheduling options you can consider each week as the weeks off roll in.

Stefon Diggs, WR, Bison Tickets

So far this season, Diggs hasn’t had the fantastic production to justify his first-round ADP, but he’s averaging 9.4 targets and 127.2 aerial yards per game. Courtland sutton (128.8) and Davante Adams (145.6) are the only wide receivers who score higher than Diggs in this important metric. As a reminder, Diggs has developed an immediate relationship with Josh Allen last season and averaged 20.5 fantastic points per game, including 32.1 amazing points per game in the fantastic playoffs (weeks 14-16). Better days are ahead for Diggs and Allen. The Buffalo Bills are having a very good game against the Titans of Tennessee this week before their goodbye. After that, Buffalo has clashes against the Miami dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts. Make it a priority this week to trade for him.

Dj moore, WR, Carolina Panthers

Moore has been underrated for most of his career, but that may not be the case any longer – at least, not if he continues to play the way he has been this season. Moore averages 10 targets, 88 receiving yards and 19.7 points per game through Week 5, and it comes even after Sam darnold was under constant pressure last week against Philadelphia. Moore should rebound against a beatable Minnesota Vikingssecondary this week. Then he has a mouth-watering schedule with games against the Giants, Falcons, Patriots, Cardinals, Washington football and Dolphins before Carolina leaves off in Week 13. Moore has the potential. to offer you many winning performances of the week during this streak.

Amari Cooper and Lamb CeeDee, WR, Dallas Cowboys

The return of Dak prescott reinvigorated the Dallas Cowboys offense, in case you haven’t noticed. Impressively, the only team averaging more yards per game than the Cowboys (439.6) is the Baltimore Ravens (440.6). It’s unconventional, but I’d recommend trading for both Cooper and Lamb and here’s why: The duo combined to average 14.4 targets, 136 total yards, 1.2 touchdowns and 30.92 points per game. The Cowboys will face the Patriots ahead of this week before their Week 7 recess. Once Dallas returns, they will face the Vikings, Broncos, Falcons, Chiefs, Raiders, Saints and Washington before the playoffs. Lots of great matches in this group!

Darrell henderson jr., RB, The Los Angeles Rams

Henderson has delivered so far this season and with every game continues to gain more confidence from head coach Sean McVay. He’s averaged 18.2 chances (rushing more target), 96 total yards and 16.6 points per game during the tough part of their schedule. Don’t let the tale of Henderson’s sustainability creep into your mind – or the presence of Sony michel, by the way – for Henderson looked the best back while watching a movie. In addition, his upcoming schedule is simply divine. Aries face the New York Giants this week followed by Lions, Texans and Titans. Be proactive here and send offers regarding Henderson.

James robinson, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars

The first thing that comes to mind whenever managers hear about the Jaguars is Urban Meyer and his recent transgression off the field. This gives you the perfect opportunity to trade for one of the NFL’s most underrated running backs. Over the course of his career, Robinson has averaged 20.3 chances, 99.4 total yards and 17.8 points per game. As if that wasn’t enough, Trevor Laurent has improved with every game and the whole Jaguars offense is on the rise. Whether Meyer is with the team or not going forward doesn’t matter. This team will come together and treat the rest of the season as an audition. Robinson’s upcoming schedule is ideal; they face off against the Dolphins before the bye, then get another tasty clash against the Seahawks. Robinson could provide you with a very high floor and ceiling during this time and has the potential to help you become a league winner in Weeks 15-17 with games against the Texans, Jets and Patriots.

Javonte williams, RB, Denver Broncos

Williams is a defensive tackle-breaking terminator and it would be wise for the Broncos to provide him with more touches. He’s averaged just 13.2 chances and 64.4 total yards per game so far this season. On the other hand, Melvin Gordon III (14.6) received a similar number of chances averaging 75.8 total yards per game. Some managers may value Gordon higher, but Williams is the full-back who has the potential to help you win your league, especially when you look at his upcoming schedule. The Broncos’ last nine games are against teams that currently rank in the top half of the NFL for the most points awarded to running backs: Cowboys (20), Eagles (26.92), Chargers (27, 56), Lions (29.58), Bengals (25.36), Raiders (26.34), Chargers (again) and Chiefs (26.68). Gordon is in the final year of his contract and Williams has been recruited to lead their backfield in 2022 and beyond. The latter part of the season gives the Broncos a perfect opportunity to showcase the fullback they traded in the draft.

Jonathan taylor, RB, Indianapolis Colts

Taylor’s value is high right now given his Monday Night Football performance against the Ravens. The Colts need to use it more. Why not put football in the hands of your most talented player if you are trying to achieve victory? The Colts gave up a 16-point lead in the 4th quarter and ended the game with just 24 rushing attempts. Taylor only had 15 attempts and most came later in the game. This is unacceptable when you consider the Colts’ talent on the offensive line. I’d be shocked if Indianapolis didn’t adjust this week against the Texans. The Colts then face the 49ers, Titans, Jets, Jaguars, Bills, Buccaneers and Texans (again) before their bye. Based on what we’ve seen in Week 5 and what the Colts took away from that painful loss, there’s a good chance Taylor will receive as many rushed attempts and targets as he can handle for the rest of the season.

Kyler murray, QB, Arizona Cardinals

Some managers use a streaming approach, but when you’re desperately trying to change the trajectory of your fantastic team, having weekly stability at the shift allows you to focus on other positions. Murray is an intriguing player to trade. He averaged 36.75 points per game in Weeks 1-2, but just 19.7 points per game in Weeks 3-5. That could change this week against the Browns (22.52), who allowed the fourth most points in quarterbacks. Murray’s schedule from Week 7 through to the Cardinals’ break features games against the Texans, Packers, 49ers, Panthers and Seahawks – easy matches and tough ones. What makes Murray really attractive as a commercial target is his Week 15-17 schedule with clashes against the Lions, Colts and Cowboys.

Rapid fire

  • The Jaguars have centered their game on the strengths of Trevor Lawrence and Jacksonville has one of the easiest remaining times of the season; they face the Falcons, Titans and Texans in the week 15-17. While you’re at it, it’s also a good idea to trade in for Laviska Shenault.

  • Matthew Stafford has not yet gone nuclear. He averages only 23 points per game. That could change with his upcoming schedule which includes clashes against the Giants, Lions, Texans and Titans before the bye.

  • TJ Hockenson has had a great start to the season, accumulating 46.3 points in two games, but struggled in the last three with a knee injury. Once healthy, Hockenson will command a significant target share due to all the woes the Lions have as wide receiver.

  • George kittle is a tough guy, but the 49ers putting him in the injured reserve is a good thing. From 2018 to 2020, he averaged 8 targets, 80.6 receiving yards and 16 points per game. Assuming Kittle returns in Week 9, the 49ers have one of the tightest schedules for the rest of the season with games against the Cardinals, Jaguars, Vikings, Seahawks, Bengals, Falcons. , Titans, Texans and Rams.

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