Bullish signs considered by BTC traders


Bitcoin traders who have been buying and selling cryptocurrencies for a long time know that certain movements in the crypto market can significantly alter the usual flow of things. All of these people can also predict and predict other events by analyzing previous cases. What they see helps them develop new strategies and improve their current tactics in order to become even more effective in the future.

According to the latest reports, nowadays several leading BTC traders may notice six bullish signs for the top ranked cryptocurrency. How closely it is linked to the Fed’s non-event is not yet clear and obvious enough. However, some users see that the current situation outside of the crypto community has affected crypto data in general. Market signs are likely to point upwards.

At the same time, we can see that the bulls are still reigning there, and as Filbfilb points out, the expiration of today’s futures can bring quite a bit of trouble.

Professionals mention that the crypto can still go above $ thirteen thousand and more, as a whole range of non-events always tend to leave the bulls in a relatively powerful and strong position. Important data comes from Coin360 where statistics show the crypto is climbing to eleven thousand five hundred on Friday and this level seems crucial enough to recover for the gains to remain.

Predictions made by traders

In several updates, trader Filbfilb announced that although there had been volatility the day before, people were sticking to crypto for a long time. The weekly charts show eleven thousand appear to hold support. Once the crypto hits eleven thousand five hundred, the level will be the immediate target to remain comfortable – this looks perfect for those who expect to see a bullish re-accumulation. High targets are no exception in this case.

There is a monthly pivot at around twelve thousand nine hundred and twenty-five USD. At the same time, the monthly resistance from the previous year saw the crypto rise to thirteen thousand eight hundred and seventy USD.

In contrast, the signs seemed relatively positive. More than that, Filbfilb dismissed concerns about the speech presented by the Fed. Traders can also now ignore various pseudo-bearish signals for the top-ranked asset. Of course, the speech itself could have sounded “non-event”. This seems to have been taken into account by the major markets.

Dozens of experts mention the importance of future deadlines as well as maximum pain. Filbfilb adds that there will be quite a bit of action as the settlement dates have added downward pressure on the crypto markets. Still, it’s critical to consider the failure of the latest option expiries – they failed to move the market, although there was a lot of anticipation of volatility.


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