Bride dances with model after groom misses wedding day

Now it’s a sick substitute.

The bride-to-be Gannon Karmire had “severe” food poisoning the day he was to marry Christine. So their reception hall in North Carolina found a creative way to save their wedding day – and it was viewed over 888,000 views on TikTok.

“When the groom suddenly falls ill and goes to the hospital on wedding day”, Wrote the venue, The Victorian: Youngsville, in closed captioning footage from the Karmires’ wedding festivities earlier this month.

The viral video features Christine, 26, slowly dancing and cutting a cake with a long, slender pole that the venue dressed in a man’s costume and rode on the four small wheels of a rolling device. At the top of the structure was a haphazardly attached iPad with a photo of Gannon stuck to the screen.

The wedding venue helped Christine Karmire make the most of her big day after future groom Gannon suffered from food poisoning.
Courtesy of @thevictorianyoungsv

“Awww that’s cute,” commented a fan of the fortune man and the real woman. “They got the most out of it. When you have food poisoning you don’t want anyone around. It’s the worst part.

And while others have conceded that the Victorian-era groom was a smart response to an unhappy situation, most critics have shamed Christine for not staying with her husband during his illness.

Christine was happy to enjoy her marriage to the makeshift groom.
Christine was happy to enjoy her marriage to the makeshift groom.
Courtesy of @thevictorianyoungsv

“It’s funny, but I would probably be in the hospital with him,” laughed one social media scolder. “‘In sickness and health’ at its best,” said another sarcastically.

But Gannon, now fully recovered, commented, saying he wanted Christine to celebrate their love with friends and family.

He also thanked The Victorian for helping them organize their wedding despite his stomach issues.

Gannon has since made a full recovery.
Gannon has since made a full recovery.
Courtesy of @ z06karmire

“GROOM HERE! Gannon wrote. “HUGE Thanks to the Victorian. This was our third ‘Covid’ marriage attempt, ”the groom added, suggesting that he and Christine had encountered several roadblocks linked to the pandemic.

He concluded his gratitude to the venue by saying: “We have been happy together for almost 8 years, with many more to come.”

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