Block Monsters announces the launch of a new staking pool and a booster pack

Phoenix, AZ, October 14, 2021- (via Blockchain thread) Blockmonsters, an NFT and games network, has launched its first staking tool and is planning a second booster pack soon. This duo will bring many rewarding opportunities to its users while continuing to play the available game. Blockmonster is a crypto gaming network using Challenge, TVN, and Gamefi to provide income to players.

This gaming platform involves creatures called blockmons (NFTs) and a trainer. Using blockmons, you can fight and trade (Challenge) with players around the world. Imagine the nostalgia of engaging in a crypto related game while making money (Gamefi).

The network is among the first skill-based PVP crypto gaming platforms. Here, players play and go through different stages to get rewards. Blockmonster rewards players with a token called $ MNSTRS, which they can purchase on the dashboard.

New staking pool to earn rewards

Recently, Blockmonster launched its first staking pool for the $ MNSTRS token. $ MNSTRS is the native token of the network. It helps in the realization of different services. Using the $ MNSTRS, you can purchase your starter pack at the start of the game. $ MNSTRS has a current unit price of $ 0.01429010, while the network market cap is $ 7.145 million.

Another use of the $ MNSTRS is staking for rewards. Staking this token earns a reward of 15% APY. You can stake the tokens on the scoreboard. The minimum wagering amount to win rewards is ten tokens.

Blockmonster sets the minimum blocking periods at seven days. People who bet ten chips for 14 consecutive days will win the NFT stonk. The longer and higher the bet, the higher the rewards. In the first 48 hours, $ 80 million of MNSTRS out of the total of $ 500 million of MNSTRS was put into play.

Blockmonster will also release a second booster pack on October 15th. This launch is in the same spirit of providing top notch services to users.

The Starterpack and a New Boosterpack

Blockmonster comes with a blockmons starter pack, with the game set in 2053. The starter pack is also called Generation 1 blockmons and includes;

  • Petaliz (Grass type)
  • Flamisire (Fire Type)
  • Orcalf (water type)

Trainers perform the three blockmons. They evolve into stronger versions of themselves as deadlines and accomplishments add up.

To introduce more quality, Blockmonster will launch a second booster pack on October 15th. The booster pack comes with the second generation blockmons. As the second generation, their qualities and stories are different and more entertaining. Therefore, this booster will help improve the gaming experience.

Coaches have a new mission to end corruption in the blockmons space. Some corrupt trainers modify blockmons and sell them to enemies.

With the launch of the new boosterpack, it will be a good opportunity for players to enjoy more actions with this new network. Baby’s Friday recall is limited to NFT 10,000.

NFT and their role

Blockmons are basic NFTs in the network. As a player, you can use blockmons to maximize your income. You can fight NFTs (blockmons) in combat mode. Your blockmons can fight with other blockmons in a player-versus-player (PVP) mode.

To be a PVP battle master, you need to train your blockmon. Training more helps the blockmon gain more experience, which makes them stronger.

You can also trade and sell NFTs on the successful P2P market. So any amount of NFT you hold can easily translate into cash.

Since Blockmonster is new, users will see even more developments in the future. For regular updates across this network, please follow their social pages.

Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Gamefi.

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