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Hi, I mainly contact bitcoin developers who could dispel any illusions or wrong assumptions, wrong premise that I might have Thanks in advance.

My main concerns are what happens if there is an inflation bug in 2010 or 2018 and less benevolent developers have found and used it in selfish and rogue ways?

Let’s say it’s not just 1 developer maybe rogue nation state developers or black op black hat hackers what do you think of bitcoin running without internet via satellite is their Blockstream node a form of centralization and how can Bitcoin be safe in times of nuclear war or doomsday scenarios, like what use case does it have for interplanetary or post-devastating monetary energy transfers? In the event of a global apocalypse, bitcoin would likely be unusable. We would be back to gold yes or no if yes why yes if no why no?

What I have read and watched about routing attacks on the network from ETH Zurich research and watched a video on delayed attacks and partition attacks, I have also read these vulnerabilities.

Please also share the latest network attack, node centralization, mining pool centralization, routing attacks, mitigation attacks, security leaks / flaws / vulnerabilities and how they are prevented or solutions to Practical defense against exploits and weaknesses that help the Bitcoin network to be and remain the most decentralized secure network ever

I also discovered the radio frequency transaction without internet and satellite at low range like 7 km from the founders in Venezuela I think this is called the locha mesh

Please dispel myths and illusions and bring out facts and insights on this topic

Thank you


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