Bitcoin and ETH in red, BNB rebound: price analysis

Bitcoin price

The price of Bitcoin traded in red numbers on Tuesday and finished – $ 1,501.

The 1D BTC chart below from TradingShot shows that bitcoin has the potential to paint a giant cup and grip pattern. If this pattern happens again, it could be the size and type of dynamic structure that takes the price of BTC to $ 100,000 and potentially beyond.

It will be essential for the bulls to maintain the level of 0.786 fib to paint this pattern until the end. If this is what awaits participants in the bitcoin market, it could be a brilliant end to 2021 for the bulls.

If bearish traders want to destroy bullish dreams, they will want to send the price below the 0.618 fib level. [$50,964.30] and ultimately below $ 50,000.

According to this structure, the price of Bitcoin can exceed $ 100,000

The The fear and greed index is 70 Greed and -8 from Tuesday’s reading of 78.

Bitcoin's fear and greed
The fear and greed index has lost 8 points since yesterday

BTC’s 24-hour price range is $ 54,704 to $ 58,065 and the 7-day price range is $ 50,715 to $ 58-065. Bitcoin’s 52-week price range is $ 11,426 to $ 64,804.

The price of BTC on that date in 2020 was $ 11,426.

The average price of bitcoin for the last 30 days is $ 47,985.

Bitcoin [-2.61%] closed the daily value of the Tuesday candle $ 55,967 and in red numbers.

Ethereum Analysis

The Battle of Aether at The $ 3.5k level is beyond the legendary That much.

The 1D ETH chart below of Evelynn56454 shows Ether just between support resistance [$2,772] and air resistance of $ 3,978.

If the bulls can push the price of ETH towards the second resistance on the chart [$4,384] the bulls will be in charge of the price action with a blue sky breakout coinciding with a new all-time high in the aether.

Conversely, if the Ether bears can push the price down until the second support resistance [$1,717] they will be in control of the momentum.

Ethereum price
If Ether breaks the resistance of $ 4.5,000, he may exceed his ATH

The 24-hour ETH price range is $ 3,426 to $ 3,546 and its 7-day price range is $ 3,375 to $ 3,668. The 52-week Ether price range is $ 365.41 to $ 4,352.11.

The price of ether on this date last year was $ 381.17.

The 30-day average price of ETH is $ 3,283.

Tuesday, Ether [-1.58%] closed its daily candle at $ 3,489 and in red numbers.

Binance Coin Analysis

Binance Coin price has fallen with the majority of the market at the start of Tuesday’s daily session, but rebounded during the second 12 hour candle of the day.

The BNB / USDT 1D chart below from KlejdiCuni shows that BNB could be heading for a potential breakout to the upside with an overhead target for the bulls at the top of the range at $ 590.

After holding support at the $ 290 level in September and maintaining a long-term trend through May, bears will need to break this level or they risk giving more to BNB bulls.

BNB Award
BNB price could reach $ 590

BNB’s 24-hour price the range is $ 394.91 to $ 446.35 and its 7-day price range is $ 394.91 to $ 449.81. Binance Coin’s 52-week price range is $ 26.27 to $ 684.83.

BNB’s price on this date last year was $ 30.69.

The average BNB price for the last 30 days is $ 400.27.

Binance Coin [+7.5%] closed Tuesday’s Daily Candle valued at $ 444.4 and in green numbers for the second day in a row.

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