Beware Of This Spyware On Android Phones


The best way to combat this particular form of spyware is to not give it software permissions in the first place. In fact, it’s a good basic practice to be extremely wary of any apps downloaded from unfamiliar sources — and sometimes familiar sources, too — and always pay close attention to the permissions any new app requests at any point.

But if anything like this malicious “Process Manager” software has been installed, and if it has been given the permissions it asks for, removal may still be an option — although once enabled it won’t show up as a regular app. According to Lab52’s research, the “Process Manager” app will appear as an active process in your phone’s notification bar, which will provide you with an opportunity to cease its functions and remove it.

Another option you have is to open your Android phone’s permission settings and revoke anything that looks suspicious — and in this particular case it may not all appear under the title “Process Manager.” This method won’t remove the spyware, but it will cut it off and essentially render it useless — a decent, more cautious short-term choice if you’re worried about accidentally removing any important programs by mistake. 

Open Settings, tap Privacy, tap Permission manager, and halt anything that looks suspicious. As of Google’s release of Android 11, your device should already have the technical ability to automatically reset permissions for apps you don’t often use — but you’d better be safe than sorry. 


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