Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson confident he will play against Cleveland Browns

OWINGS MILLS, Maryland – This time, Lamar jackson is “120%” certain that he is playing.

Three days after a relapse of illness caused him to miss a game, Jackson returned to training on Wednesday and is set to start against the Cleveland browns Sunday evening.

“I feel great. Great this time,” Jackson said with a smile. “… Positive. Sure. No relapses, man.”

Jackson took part in the morning tour on Wednesday morning and attended all of the meetings. His expectation is to have a full workout on Wednesday.

“I think I’m completely back to normal,” Jackson said. “I want to go and go. I don’t want to go and limit myself or the coach limit me.”

He is 4-1 against the Browns with a total of 85.8 QBR. This is the second-highest total QBR of all quarterbacks against a single opponent since the measure was first taken in 2006.

Jackson missed two days of training last week because he was ill, but returned for full practice on Friday. Symptoms returned on Saturday, however, which ruled him out of Sunday’s 16-13 win at the Chicago Bear.

“I have no idea [what happened from Friday to Saturday]said Jackson, who added he was sweating in his sleep. “I’m just tired. I have chills. I was out of it. But I’m fine now. I feel good.”

On the flight to Chicago, Jackson curled up in the seat and was so ill he didn’t realize the plane had landed. During the match, Jackson watched from the locker room with his jacket wrapped around him.

Jackson, however, celebrated when the backup quarterback Tyler huntley guided the Ravens to a winning 72-yard rush in the last minute.

“When he did that last ride, I felt like I wasn’t sick anymore,” Jackson said.

The Ravens (7-3) at the head of the AFC North welcome the Browns (6-5) in an important division game. If the Ravens win, their chances of capturing AFC North drop to 72%, according to ESPN’s Football Power Index. If Baltimore loses, his chances of winning the division drop to 39%.

MVP candidate, Jackson ranks 14th in the NFL for passing (2,447 yards) and eighth for rushing (639).

He missed more time in his four-year career because of illness than injury. This year he was sidelined by three separate illnesses.

“I don’t care because I’ve been healthy my whole life,” Jackson said. “I never had a problem getting sick until I got here. I don’t really know what it is. I hope it’s over.”

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