Authority Weekly: What Came Out of MWC, Billionaire Space Battles, and More

🎆🎇 Welcome to another edition of Weekly authority, the Android Authority newsletter which details the main Android and technological news of the week. Happy July 4th!

🔴 It’s a big fact via NASA: If you were to stand on the surface of Mars on the equator at noon, it would be like spring at your feet (75 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 degrees Celsius) and winter at your head (32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius), due to the incredibly thin atmosphere.

Popular news this week

Snapdragon 888 Plus Phone

  • CMM: This week’s Mobile World Congress 2021 in Barcelona was different from the usual gala, but still featured announcements and new product launches.
  • Samsung took the stage to reveal its One UI Watch experience for wearables, the skin above Wear OS 3.0. It also confirmed a Samsung Unpacked “summer” launch event for its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series.
  • Lenovo released a bunch of new Android tablets in its Yoga range that look powerful and promising. This too announced a new Smart Clock 2.0 with the intelligence of the Google Assistant.
  • Qualcomm’s big announcement was its new Snapdragon 888 Plus chipset, which adds a modest increase in performance and provides something to sell us all. It’s also finally appointed Cristiano Amon as CEO (Reuters), having had the odd title of CEO-elect of Qualcomm since January of this year.
  • Samsung foldables: Leaks continue around Samsung’s next-gen foldables, highlighted this week by a bunch of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 360-degree videos. Leaks have revealed a lot, confirming some earlier details of renderings the Galaxy Z Flip 3, including a sub-screen camera. A fresh Galaxy Z Fold 3 leaked had a lot more renderings to watch too, more some camera spec leaks told us the cameras would be similar to the Fold 2, although there is still more to discover.
  • First version of Windows 11: the first official version of Windows 11 was launched this week as a Windows Insider preview (read: first beta) by Microsoft this week, with a full suite of significant visual UI changes, widgets, multitasking features, and more. It also launched with a few known issues, which is fair for a beta, and it lacked some features, including the new ability to run Android apps. We can’t wait to see this in action.
  • Controversy on Windows 11: A hot topic showing no signs of cooling down was Microsoft’s unusual decision to exclude so many systems and processors from being officially supported by Windows 11. This meant great confusion over upgrade compatibility. While Microsoft has shown signs of weakening by opening up the Insider preview to any system to examine returned data, our colleague Gary Sims is among those leading the charge against Microsoft’s decision. Gary posted Three Gary explains videos this week explaining the drama of Windows 11, calling Microsoft unrepentant, and usefully offering alternatives to Windows 11 as well as. Microsoft will he reverse these decisions?
  • LG mini LED TVs: LG has announced that it is finally launching its mini LED screen TVs in July. LG’s QNED TVs come in 8K and 4K variants, in a range of typical big screen sizes, although pricing has not been announced. B&H Photo has set up pre-order prices later: $ 1,997 for the 65-inch 4K, 75-inch QNED90 to $ 2,997, 86-inch $ 3,997. Top-of-the-line QNED99 8K TVs start at $ 3,497 for the 65-inch model.
  • Take the plane: Some big news this week was a flying car making a flight between airports, traveling at around 170 km / h or 105 mph in the air, using a BMW engine. Surprisingly awesome! (BBC). And in the battles of billionaires in space, Sir Richard Branson will attempt to go to space on July 11, in an attempt to overtake rival billionaire Jeff Bezos and his launch in space slated for July 20 (Ars Technica). It’s very silly, but it’s a big month for space tourism.
  • And just when you thought you were safe: TV-style ads are coming to console games, with “a one-of-a-kind in-game advertising platform” signing deals with companies like EA, “to try and bring TV-style ads to their console games,” for reasons that, hopefully. the, no one will tolerate? (Kotaku).


sony wf 1000xm4 review case pairing


Technical schedule

  • July 19-23: Game Developers Conference (GDC).
  • July 31-August 5: Black hat United States
  • Early August: Samsung Unpacked Event?

Technical Tweet of the week

Here’s an interesting discussion of why there are no longer any physical QWERTY phones, from one of the gems on Twitter, Train Griffon. I am including his response to the PO, not the PO itself.

Another week in the bag!

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