Ask … the grain market expert: Will grain and oilseed prices peak in 2022?

Are you getting the most from your grain?

With input costs rising rapidly for farmers, making the right choices when trading grain is essential to maintain a margin.

To continue to generate profits for your farming business, it is imperative to learn how to navigate market trends to help your business not only survive, but also thrive.

ODA UK specialists Sébastien Mallet (CEO) and Gary Phillips (UK Country Manager) have been working in the grain market for over 20 years and share in-depth and specialist knowledge of how it can work for you.

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Discussion points:

  • Risks to New Harvest Wheat Prices.
  • Why UK wheat prices are so high.
  • The main UK wheat, rapeseed and barley fundamentals to watch.
  • How current weather conditions may affect the prices of new crops for grains and oilseeds.
  • Why is China suddenly importing so much corn?
  • How farmers can make informed decisions by applying grain price risk management theory.
  • How today’s higher production costs may impact yields and acreage in 2022.

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