Appointing and humiliating GPs gives power back to the patient, says Sajid Javid

Sajid Javid insisted these plans would support GPs – PA

Naming and humiliating GPs who don’t offer enough face-to-face appointments will give power back to the patient, Sajid Javid said.

The health secretary defended the government’s decision to release ranking tables for family physicians, saying providing “more data, more transparency” would help improve the standards of general practitioner practices across the country, while the additional £ 250million would provide support to GP practices.

“It is important that patients have this information because I want to see improved health care across the country. We need to understand what the differences are in the provision of health care across the country,” he said. told Sky News.

“This whole package today is about support. It is about helping general practitioners so that they can do what they do best, which is to see their patients,” he said. -he declares.

Asked about the name and the plans of shame, he insisted, “I believe in choice – patients want to see their GP and the vast majority of GPs say if you can help us increase capacity, that’s what. ‘they want too. “

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Name and shame plan will scare more doctors off, says Lib Dem MP

The government’s plan to appoint and shame general practitioners who do not offer enough face-to-face appointments will drive “even more doctors away,” the Liberal Democrats said.

Munira Wilson, spokesperson for health and social services, said: “These changes are tape that will not solve the crisis of GP shortage that leaves patients struggling to get appointments.

“The Conservatives have already missed their own goals of recruiting and training more general practitioners. Now they are proposing plans to appoint and shame general practitioners, which risks driving even more doctors away from the profession.

“The government should focus on achieving its own goal of hiring an additional 6,000 general practitioners, instead of trying to blame doctors for their own failures.”


Premier of Wales attacks Lord Frost for ‘hardline speeches’

Mark Drakeford has criticized Lord Frost for making “hard-line speeches” on Brexit.

Following a meeting with Joao Vale de Almeida, the EU’s Ambassador to the UK, Mr Drakeford said the EU’s announcements showed “practical attempts to resolve the problems” at the Irish border.

The Premier of Wales told Sky News: “I don’t think it’s helpful when UK ministers are making harsh red-line speeches criticizing the deal they themselves have signed.

“So from a Welsh point of view, what we’ve always asked for is for people to be around the table, for people to be pragmatic, for people to look for where they can get along, rather than constantly drawing red lines on where they are not ready to agree.


Sajid Javid: There is no reason the London NYE fireworks cannot take place

Sajid Javid called on the mayor of London to reconsider his decision to cancel the NYE fireworks from the capital for the second year in a row.

Yesterday, the town hall said it had been removed this year due to “the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic”.

However, a spokesperson for Sadiq Khan promised New Year’s celebrations in the capital would always be “spectacular”.

This morning the Health Secretary told LBC: “I don’t understand why this cannot happen. It is a decision of the mayor and I hope he can reconsider it … I see no reason why it cannot happen safely. “


Dominic Cummings causing ‘real damage’ to UK, says Mark Drakeford

The remarks made by Dominic Cummings, the former chief adviser to the Prime Minister, “damage” the reputation of the United Kingdom, said the Prime Minister of Wales.

Mark Drakeford told Sky News: “A country that behaves in this way will never find partners in the rest of the world willing to do serious business with them.

“When the UK puts its name on a treaty with other parts of the world, it is absolutely incumbent upon us to act in good faith with that agreement.

“The deep cynicism of the kind you’ve heard from Mr Cummings is really damaging the UK’s reputation and our ability in a post-Brexit world to make deals with other countries. “


Government acts as if Brexit deal ‘is someone else’s responsibility’, says Mark Drakeford

The Premier of Wales said he was “frankly baffled” by the UK government’s comments on the Northern Ireland protocol and Brexit.

Mark Drakeford told Sky News: “This is a very important issue for Wales as our ports face the island of Ireland and trade through our ports is drastically down after Brexit.

“I’m frankly baffled by some of the things we’re hearing from the UK government. The deal is the deal they themselves signed.

“It’s their deal, but so often we hear UK government ministers talking as if the deal is someone else’s full responsibility.”


‘Of course I’m sorry’ for Covid failures, says Sajid Javid

Sajid Javid said he was “sorry” for the loss and suffering that occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic.

His colleague, Steve Barclay, has repeatedly refused to apologize after the release of a damning report on Monday.

However, the Health Secretary told BBC Breakfast today: ‘Oof course I’m sorry.

“Obviously I’m new to the role, but on behalf of the government, I’m sorry for, during the pandemic, anyone who suffered, especially anyone who lost a loved one, mother, father, brother , a sister, a friend. Of course, I am sorry for this.

“Also all those people who may not have lost someone but are still suffering – there are a lot of people who unfortunately suffer from a long Covid, we still don’t know the impact of that. Of course. that I am. “


MP Claudia Webbe could be jailed after being sentenced for harassing her partner’s ex-girlfriend

Claudia Webbe arrives at Westminster Magistrates Court with her partner Lester Thomas & # xa0;  - Geoff Pugh

Claudia Webbe arrives at Westminster Magistrates Court with her partner Lester Thomas – Geoff Pugh

Claudia Webbe, the former Labor MP, has been warned that she faces jail time after being convicted of harassment over a series of threatening phone calls she made to a former girlfriend of her partner.

Webbe, who now sits as an Independent for Leicester East, was convicted of the indictment after a court heard how she threatened Michelle Merritt with acid and told her she would send photos from her naked to her daughters.

The MP, who received character references from Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labor leader, and fellow MP Dianne Abbott, had claimed her phone calls were simply meant to warn Ms Merritt not to break the rules of Covid by meeting her boyfriend during the lockdown.

However, Paul Goldspring, the chief magistrate, rejected her defense and warned her that she faced jail time when convicted on November 4.

He said: “I do not find the accused to be convincing, convincing and truthful in all aspects of her testimony … In short, I find Ms. Webbe to be vague, inconsistent and sometimes illogical, and ultimately I find her untrue.

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ECJ is “arbiter of the single market”, says EU ambassador

The EU has gone to the limits of what it can do to tackle post-Brexit trade issues in Northern Ireland, the bloc’s ambassador to the UK has said.

Although Maros Sefcovic previously said it was not a ‘take it or leave it’ offer, Joao Vale de Almeida told the BBC’s Newsnight Brussels he couldn’t go beyond what he had put on the table.

“Today we have come to the limit of what we can do to solve Northern Ireland’s problems because we care about Northern Ireland. These problems were caused by Brexit,” he said. he declared.

“There is no single market without the European Court of Justice. It is the arbiter of the single market,” he said.


Santa Sunak: There will be a “fair amount of Christmas presents” this year

There will be “a fair amount of Christmas presents available” this year despite supply chain issues, Rishi Sunak said after a key meeting in Washington to address the issue.

The Chancellor sought to reassure Britons as people started to think about shopping for Christmas, saying that despite the challenges he was “confident there would be good products for everyone”.

Mr. Sunak chaired yesterday a meeting of finance ministers as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank meet in the US capital.

He said: “Supply chain issues are felt globally – and financial leaders around the world must work together to tackle our common challenges.

“Today, we collectively agreed to work closely together over the next few months – and together, we will build a strong and resilient recovery.”

6:45 a.m.

Brussels negotiators travel to London for Brexit talks

Brussels negotiators traveled to London promising to bend and break their own rules with new proposals to calm tensions on the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The talks, which are due to start on Thursday, could end months of post-Brexit wrangling between the bloc and the British government.

The top four ways the EU plans to reform the protocol, which officials say go “way beyond tinkering around the edges”, include changes to customs, sanitary requirements, drugs and democratic scrutiny.

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The government today launched a new plan to “name and shame” general practitioners who do not offer enough face-to-face appointments.

But are ministers right in targeting doctors after months of battling a pandemic? Sajid Javid this morning congratulated those who have worked for the past 18 months – but will it wash away?

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