An update on Devcon 6, and something new …


It’s been a while and we have some news.

That happens ! ??

After being locked up for the past few years, it’s exciting to finally say that Devcon 6 will take place during the first half of Q4-2022 in Bogota, Colombia. We know Devcon holds a special place in everyone’s hearts (ours too!), And we look forward to sharing more information very soon (stay tuned!).

In the meantime, Road to Devcon continues with another project we have been working on recently.

Meet a little something new

Devconnect is a week-long gathering in Amsterdam that will feature independent Ethereum events, each with a unique focus. The goal is to focus on in-depth sessions rather than size, and to bring the Ethereum community together in small groups to talk, learn, or make serious progress on specific topics.

Unlike a usual conference, we want this week-long meeting to facilitate the in-depth discussions and conversations needed to keep improving Ethereum. Every discussion during Devconnect will be hosted and curated by experts in these areas. The RU will help foster coordination so that experts and teams have logistical and production support, and ensure that there is minimal overlap of similar areas to avoid leading manufacturers in different directions.

Most importantly, we want Devconnect to be productive! This means that, for all gatherings and workshops, we aim to have an audience of experts who are relevant or very interested in the specific area.

As for anyone who comes to town and wants to go out and work together between sessions, we will maintain a coworking space for collaboration for anyone who is interested.

What can we achieve with a week of construction?

With all the new challenges the world is facing and the opportunities Ethereum is seizing, this year the EF has decided to try something new.

It’s been great to see the familiar major events start to come back into action – meanwhile, we’ve started building Devconnect as something a little different. The ideas for Devcon have been developed and reiterated since we came together in Osaka, and while major events like Devcon remain the main productive and incredible product of our ecosystem, we hope that this new kind of gathering can be complementary and have a impact in new ways.

When can we find out more?

Stay tuned, and to @EFdevconnect on Twitter for more information on exact dates and locations soon, and on the EF Blog.

And if you want to organize a Devconnect event, to reach! We look forward to meeting in Amsterdam in April, and in Bogota later in 2022. See you soon.



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