Amazon PS5 restock today: how to get one


Nearly a year and a half since hitting stores, the PS5 remains elusive. But new chances to buy the console are popping up more frequently these days, with your next best shot being today (March 30) at Amazon, where the PS5 Digital Edition will be available starting at 11 a.m. ET.

The retailer notes that Amazon Prime members will get “priority access” to this restock, so you may want to sign up for a month of Prime if you want the best possible shot at actually landing one. Amazon Prime costs $14.99 a month or $139 a yearand you can get a 30-day free trial if you’re new to the service.

The $399 PS5 Digital Edition will be available on Amazon today for a limited time.

It’s also worth noting that Amazon will only be offering the $399 PS5 Digital Editionwhich is functionally identical to the core $499 PS5 but lacks a disc drive for playing physical media. You can read more about the differences between the two in our PS5 Disc vs PS5 Digital Edition comparison.

Aside from signing up for a Prime Account, we’d recommend following our general PS5 restock advice here. Make sure you have a payment option stored on Amazon ahead of time, so you don’t lose precious seconds fumbling to enter your credit card number when trying to buy a console. Some folks have reported success adding the PS5 to their Amazon wish list ahead of a restock, claiming that adding the console to your cart from your wish list can be faster than trying to do so from the often-slammed store page.

Speaking of which, don’t give up too easily. Most store websites get chaotic during restocks thanks to a surge of excited shoppers, so we’d recommend refreshing and checking back for a few minutes if the system doesn’t show up right away. And if you’re not successful during this opening, you’ll also want to keep tabs on all of the major retailers — Target in particular is tipped to have a restock this week. Also, stock typically shows up at Best Buy and walmart fairly regularly.

If you’re tired of playing the restock game, you can always consider the Xbox Series S, which is an excellent, cheaper, and much easier to buy alternative. But for those committed to securing a new PlayStation, we wish you happy hunting.


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