Agency scorecard: who met Biden’s vaccination mandate deadline and who did not

The OMB has said it considers any federal worker who is in the process of being vaccinated or seeking an exemption as “compliant” with the mandate.

Better compliance: As of November 23, the Department of Transportation (99.6%), the Department of Commerce (99.4%), the Small Business Administration (99.1%) and the Agency for International Development (99.1%) had the highest rates of compliance with vaccine requirements.

The International Development Agency (97.8%), the Department of Health and Human Services (96.4%) and the National Science Foundation (96.2%) have the highest rates of employees with at least one vaccine injection.

Worst compliance: The Home Office (94.7%), the Social Security Administration (95%) and the Department of Homeland Security, which includes both civilians and active duty Coast Guard personnel (95.1% ), reported the lowest warrant compliance rates as of November 31. 23.

Agencies with the lowest vaccination rates – that is, employees with at least one injection – include the Ministry of Agriculture (86.1%), Social Security Administration (87, 7%) and Veterans (87.8%).

And after: Data on the number of federal workers fully vaccinated or two weeks away from the end of a full vaccine series will not be available until a later date, a senior administration official said this week.

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