Abortion remains medically safe for American women

No more harmful than an unwanted pregnancy

Women who have a desired abortion often fare much better than those who are denied an abortion, added Diana Greene Foster, professor at the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at the University of California at San Francisco.

Foster cited the Turnaway Study, a long-term research effort that recruited nearly 1,000 women at 30 abortion centers across the country over a three-year period. A quarter of the women have been turned away and have not had an abortion.

It turned out that there was little difference between the two groups in terms of mental health.

“Women who were refused abortions actually felt more anxiety and lower self-esteem when it was time to refuse an abortion than those who had their abortion,” Foster said. “But the groups converged from six to 12 months, and we don’t see a difference after that point. And on outcomes like depression, suicidal ideation, post-traumatic stress, life satisfaction, we don’t see any difference. made no difference at any point between the two groups.

“Just because those who have an abortion and those who are refused don’t both do badly. In fact, both groups improve over time,” Foster continued.

However, carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term has serious effects on women’s health, she said. They are more likely to have gestational high blood pressure, joint pain, and headaches or migraines.

Additionally, two of the 200 women in the study who were denied abortion died during childbirth, Foster added.

“It’s an astronomical death rate. It’s much higher than what Dr Prager presented to you,” Foster said. “And I think that’s a sign. It’s an indication that carrying a pregnancy to term is associated with a lot of risk. And when people don’t feel like they’re ready to do it, it’s a really big risk for you. physical health that they did not necessarily register. “

Women who refused to have an abortion also face more economic hardship than those who get a desired abortion, Foster added. They were more likely to fall into poverty and more likely to end up in a lone-parent household.

“It’s not true that when a woman is denied an abortion, the man involved in the pregnancy is somehow helping support the family,” Foster said. “There is no difference in the chances that she is still with him in a romantic relationship and that he supports the child.”

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