Aboriginal Chiefs in Edmonton | Explore Edmonton

Christopher Ian Gladue is from the Big Stone Cree Nation. After working in the oil and gas industry, Christopher saved his money to pursue his culinary dream. Christopher realized, following the powwow trail selling native-inspired food, that everyone should have the chance to try this type of cuisine. This was the catalyst for Christopher’s journey into Aboriginal cuisine. He finally opened the acclaimed food truck Indigenous delicacies, and later created Pansâwân – a traditionally smoked dried meat, now sold across Canada at various retailers, including Safeway. During the summer season, you might be lucky enough to stumble upon the Native Delights truck that cruises through Edmonton selling an assortment of bannock tacos, bison burgers and more! If you miss them, don’t worry – they’re open Saturday and Sunday at their permanent location in 12011 111 Avenue NO.

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