A 10TB Degoo cloud storage plan for under $ 90? This is TNW Deals’ summer gift for you

TLDR: The Degoo Premium Backup Plan offers a 10TB cloud storage account to cover all your file backup needs, all at over 90% off the regular price.

Your whole story can hold you back. And this is not a metaphor.

Just start sorting your hard drive, and you’ll likely find dozens and dozens of old files – videos, music, documents, and more – hidden in virtually every corner of your computer or other device. There’s a handful of 10MB photos here, maybe a 500MB stray video there… before you know it, those trips down memory lane add to some real hard drive fouling. And that doesn’t even go into the effect of all those old files messing up and slowing down your system.

The past doesn’t have to be a yoke around your neck, especially when you can just send things safely to the cloud, where they can sit quietly and out of the way until you want to. walk into the past.

With The Degoo Premium backup plan including a 10TB lifetime cloud storage account ($ 89.40 with code SUMMER40, from TNW Deals), you can keep anything and everything safe in the cloud, while your device’s memory remains retained and unused for all of your current IT operations.

Each Degoo plan offers 10TB of cloud storage space, ready to archive any extra files you don’t need now, but might need again someday. Degoo’s high-speed network syncs with all of your devices, performs backups whenever you want, and keeps everything safe and out of your way.

All of your files are fully secured via ultra-secure 256-bit AES encryption, meaning none of your valuable information will be sensitive to hackers or other virtual snoopers.

If you are someone who forgets to run backups, Degoo is here for you too. Through their mobile app, users can set up automatic updates, which detect any files that you have changed, and then send the new, updated versions of that file directly to your storage.

A 10TB cloud storage account with lifetime access is priced at $ 3,600, but with the current offering you can get it for only $ 89.40 when you enter code SUMMER40 at checkout.

Prices are subject to change.

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