20 best CoComelon toys to give kids this Christmas

Peas, peas, it’s time to eat your peas. Yes, yes, yes, now is also the time to buy the best CoComelon toys.

Whether you are a parent who relies on CoComelon to keep your baby and toddler happy in the high chair or keep and know exactly how much this show is loved, finding something with JJ’s face on it feels like you’ve won the lottery.

Seriously, one of my niece’s first words was “JJ” and she doesn’t let her doll out of sight. Not to mention that the animated characters in the series do wonders during mealtime.

And, according to my sister, she and other relatives she knows are on a wild goose hunt for any CoComelon toy on the market.

Oh, and did we mention the JJ CoComelon Holiday doll and JJ Deluxe Doll with Polka Dots which are available for pre-order on Amazon now? Yeah, you better run.

Netflix’s popular kids’ show is known for its stunning graphics, eye-catching soundtrack, and captivating scene transitions that captivate toddlers around the world, which in turn keeps them calm.

That said, we recommend that you start shopping for the best CoComelon toys before they run out. Available at Amazon and Target – among other retailers – there are some amazing options to choose from, including the classic jj doll, interactive keyboards and luxury family play sets.

Below, find the 20 best CoComelon toys to get your hands on. It’s the new wave of childhood shows and of course we all surf it.

This edition of the best CoComelon toys would be incomplete without mentioning the classic jj doll. As one of my niece’s favorites, this is the perfect bedtime snuggle companion and toy to carry around in a Basket around the house.

CoComelon Yellow Musical School Bus

Prepare your child for pre-kindergarten with the CoComelon Yellow Musical School Bus, the musical gift that continues to offer.

CoComelon First Act musical keyboard

Speaking of musical gifts, the CoComelon First Act musical keyboard will prepare your child to be the next Mozart while providing a on-the-go entertainment center.

CoComelon music control case

Prepare your child for medical school early with the CoComelon music control case. With the humble watermelon logo as a case, the set includes a gaming thermometer, stethoscope and more.

CoComelon Deluxe Family Home Playset

If your child enjoys playing with dollhouses (and loves CoComelon, of course), the CoComleon Deluxe Family Home Playset makes for the perfect gift this year. And let’s not forget to mention how adorably retro the fridge is.

CoComelon Patch Academy with 53 large building blocks and 6 characters

Are you looking for building blocks and toys? CoComelon’s Patches Academy comes with 53 large building blocks for safe and fun stacking play, plus six characters to keep your child entertained all day.

CoComelon School Time Deluxe Play Set

Yes, Miss Appleberry made a big appearance in the CoComelon School Time Deluxe Play Set. With spinning abacus-shaped blocks, play furniture, and characters, this is the perfect way to play at school.

CoComelon Plush Pillow

If your child likes to grab pillows and anything soft, seriously consider purchasing the CoComelon Plush Pillow. It’s also a wonderful way to prepare your kids for naps and bedtime.

Official CoComelon Musical Tractor with Sounds and Exclusive 3 inch JJ Farm Toy

We are a little too much obsessed with JJ being on a tractor this season. For $ 15, snatch this farm CoComelon musical toy it’s perfect for playing both indoors and outdoors.

CoComelon Bath Time Sing Along Play Center

Bath time has never sounded better than today. With the CoComelon Bath Time Singing Play Center, it’s a fun ball pool to watch the classic show or keep your kid centered in one spot to keep an eye on them.

Amazing CoComelon Toys (6 Pack)

As someone who used to line Little People around my coffee table for hours on end, the Amazing CoComelon Toys is a six-pack of toys that your child won’t want to let go. In addition, it is great to give a gift with a doll house.

Official CoComelon Bath Squirters with JJ Character Toy and two sharks

Rubber ducks might be a classic, but what about JJ and two sharks? As the perfect toy for bubble bath fun, you can’t go wrong with CoComelon’s Official bath squirters.

CoComelon school bus

Ride-on toys are every child’s home trip to Disney, so gift the CoComelon school bus is the perfect way to make your little one smile. And, it’s reasonably priced at $ 30.

CoComelon Vehicle Toy (Pack of 3)

Speaking of wanted whips, the CoComelon vehicle toy is a three pack of excitement around the house. And, perfect for any kid who loves cars and shakes things up on the floor.

First act CoComelon 48" Musical piano mat

For the budding dancer or music lover, the CoComelon 48 ″ First Act Musical Piano Mat is the perfect addition to your living room or playroom. In addition, he plays the best CoComelon hits from his soundtrack.

CoComelon coloring books with pencils

For $ 5, get the CoComelon coloring book with pencils pair with one of our favorite CoComelon toys. Or, think of it as an affordable addition to a toy basket.

CoComelon Sing and Learn Laptop Toy

Although not the highly prized MacBook Pro (which is currently on sale), the CoComelon Sing and Learn Laptop Toy is a great starter toy for any kid who is trying to press all the buttons on your WFH laptop. It’s also a great resource for learning basic learning skills, including letters, numbers, and shapes.

Hi Ho Cherry-O CoComelon Edition board game

Count on the go with the CoComelon Edition board game. It’s a classic kids will love, all for under $ 15 too.

CoComelon toy microphone with integrated CoComelon music

How could we not include a state-of-the-art CoComelon toy microphone for your child to sing along to all the jams on the show? With the music built in, it’s a great find for under $ 20.

CoComelon Lunchbox Playset

The CoComelon Lunchbox Playset is one of my favorites, especially because the CoComelon Lunchbox episode is playing at my place. all day. Stay in tune with the show with this set of fun toys it’s an engaging way to develop motor skills.

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